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I have done my MBBS from MIMSR MEDICAL COLLEGE LATUR and MS in ophthalmolgy done from GRANT MEDICAL COLLEGE (J J HOSPITAL ) MUMBAI in 2012.I have done fellowship in phaco surgery from H V Desai Eye Hospital from Pune

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Spots and floaters are usually harmless. Read our Spots & Floaters article for details about the causes and symptoms, and how to determine if you need to see your eye doctor.

Computer monitors emit levels of radiation that are considerably lower than the maximum allowed for safety, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. NIOSH compared the maximum radiation levels in a group of monitors with the safety standards.

A study of monitors reported in the Optical Laboratories Association CLEARVisionsmagazine found that:

  • X-rays: none
  • Ultraviolet: more than 1,000 times below the standard
  • Visible: more than 10 times below the standard
  • Infrared: none
  • Radio Frequency:    – Electrical Field: 5,000 V/meter2 of 377,000 allowed    – Magnetic Field: .09 A/meter2 of 2.65 allowed
  • Extremely Low Frequency: equal to common household appliances, well below dangerous levels (no standard exists)

That depends on how responsible you are; this decision is best made jointly between you, your parents and your eye doctor. Please see our Contact Lenses for Kids article for more information.